Born for the recovery and preservation of the memory of the master and his work.

Committed to the memory of the teacher

The Alejandro Yagüe Association aims to be the meeting point with the world of the artist from Burgos, through the promotion of the study and dissemination of his work, and of all those artistic and cultural manifestations with which he can be related. To achieve these aims, the Association organises, together with other entities and institutions, concerts, exhibitions, events and other cultural and academic activities. The Alejandro Yagüe Association aspires to become a centre for interdisciplinary and international dialogue, promoting culture, especially the universal language of music.

For the defence of a priceless cultural heritage

The Alejandro Yagüe Association has access to original scores by the composer, original drawings by the artist, musical material by other musicians, manuscripts, memoirs, his correspondence, with letters to friends and other artists, the composer’s library, an important photographic archive, an archive of press clippings during the composer’s lifetime and current clippings, among other personal objects of the artist.

Collaborate with the association

We organise concerts, exhibitions and many other cultural activities. Collaborate with the association to make as many projects as possible a reality.

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